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I honestly don’t understand our American society’s obsession with celebrities.  Okay, so they were normal people who just happened to make it big in the entertainment industry.  Doesn’t mean they need to be worshiped like gods.  I think that often, people are so distracted and obsessed with what the Kardashians had for dinner and what US Magazine had to say about it that they are totally missing the chances they have to make their own lives amazing.  How is following the lavish lives of celebrities that you will never meet making your life better?  And if you have a good, sincere answer to that, please share because I just honestly don’t understand it, but I am always open to learning new things. 🙂  But what if we devoted that much time to doing something useful to make our lives and our family’s lives better?  What if we spent that time helping others?  Do you think the world might just be a little better of a place?